Gaming Industry Leads The Earning Due To Lockdown – Electronic Arts Report 102 Million In Month

Gaming Industry Leads The Earning Due To Lockdown – Electronic Arts Report 102 Million In Month

This is something that doesn’t come as a shock. People are inside their homes and they have nothing to do. Only two industries are there that are earning the most revenue. One of them is streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar and now the second one we know is the gaming industry. 

The Raising Stats Of Gaming Industry

According to news the gaming giant EA (Electronic Arts) reported sales worth more than 102 million just in a month. This is huge, they are one of the most popular companies but they never would have thought about such good sales. This is the effect of lockdown. People have so much time and so less to do, schools, colleges, offices, and everything else that kept people busy has been closed. There is one thing now that is left, their computer and their laptops. These people have been watching movies and shows for a long time now, there is a limit and people need something that is interactive as well. What can be better than a game? 

Features That Are Making People More Attracted To Online Games

Let’s look at the things that are increasing the interest of people towards the gaming industry in this lockdown:

1. Multiplayer

There are multiplayer games available. This is a time when people cannot go out or hang out with their friends. Multiplayer games are no less than their saviors. These games are a great way to enjoy this time with friends. There are team games, the games that they can play with other teams like ‘Counter-Strike’ or ‘PUBG’ and then there is FIFA, NBA, and American football. All these games allow people to dive into a competitive arena with a number of players from different parts of the same country or maybe from the world. There are games like chess and ludo that are getting as multiplayer games too. People have even found out ways of playing games like truth and dare and singing games virtually. This lockdown and this virus have taught everyone how to use technology to stay close even when everyone is far away.

2. Better Way Of Passing Time

Playing games is a better way of passing time than anything else. It is fun, refreshing, and thrilling. It is everything but never boring until the players are playing the kind of game that is not their type. There are so many options available and the users do not have to sit idle and just watch as compared to other things they do nowadays to pass the time. Everything is good at its place but gaming gives fun like nothing else.

3. Great Offers

Game companies have launched so many tempting offers that people can’t just refuse. No matter how big offers these companies are giving, they know that they will gain profit because of the number of people who will buy their games. This is being done mostly by gaming giants as they know that people will not miss these offers at this time. EA has made sales that will maintain a record for a long time. 102 million in a month is a big achievement. They have really made the gamers run behind them.

4. Change From Streaming And Other Things

Gaming is really a good change from all the activities that people are doing in this lockdown. This keeps their mind working and is also a great way of dealing with stress. Competitive games are a great place to vent out the frustration. There are games that will even release stress because of their music, graphics, and gameplay. It is all good when a person is playing a game.

A Rise Of The Gaming Industry During Lockdown

The best types of games are POV shooting games and sports games, though EA is not yet into POV shooting games. They still are legends in sports games. They were the ones who brought the revolution of the cricket PC game, Brian Lara was one game that was there, but it was complex. EA has both graphics and simplicity in its gameplay. The games developed by EA in the past few years are very rich in terms of graphics and very entertaining and thrilling to play. Fifa is the most popular game to date and is a favorite of many players around the world.

The major part of their profit goes to FIFA. There are many other gaming companies that are facing the same situations and are the only ones that are happy in this lockdown. Streaming companies are also enjoying this, but now they know that they are sharing this happiness with the gaming industry. They do not have a monopoly over the world business in these hard times. The reason for this huge sale is also the offers Gaming companies are giving out. Even if they sell at huge discounts, the number of people who will buy will provide them with great profit. This is a win-win situation for them.