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Elliot’s third Dream, Stick Canyon is a construction site filled with many traps, all designed to slow down your progression. Giant magnets draw you off path and a giant machine will magnetize you to the point where even rings and Nightopians will ‘stick’ to you. Along with various cranes and platforms, a towering steel structure looms in the horizon, will falling demolition balls and a rollercoaster ride at the top for anyone brave enough. Read more articles like this on gamenvoy.

The boss of Stick Canyon is Reala.

This infinite can actually be done four ways – forward and backwards, and over (for easier link) or under (for a link ball) in the section just before the large magnets. Utimately, as member Lance discovered, the best scoring route is backwards going under, as this allows the link ball to respawn every lap.

This mare is actually a ‘near’ infinite, as Tab shows in this video.

The stunt ribbon and magnetising machine are the foci of this mare. While you’re magnetised, you earn 10pts every attached ‘object’ when you go through the de-magnetising section (objects include Marian, pians and each small ball section of any rings – chips and stars are collected as normal). Banging into a wall will loosen objects off you.

The tower and rollercoaster ride are the centrepieces of this mare, with the link ball being important of the scoring in this relatively low scoring mare.

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