Fortnite Houseparty all set to have a video calling feature soon

Fortnite Houseparty all set to have a video calling feature soon

In an attempt to enhance the gaming experience, collaborating several features helps. In a similar trend, Fortnite, a popular royale battle has integrated with Houseparty to include the feature of video calling into the gaming battle. 

Fortnite developer Epics Games had bought the popular Houseparty app in June 2019. This year, the developers have confirmed the integration of Fortnite and Houseparty.  Earlier, we explore the highest mountain peak you can reach in Fortnite. Now, the houseparty is here to surprise.

So following this, players can get a chance to connect to their friends and family members via Houseparty in a group chat thus having a new different level of chasing battle. 

“Squad up! You can now cast your Houseparty video chat directly into 

@FortniteGame! Join the party now to chat with your friends while they play” 



Will this integration work on all platforms?

For time being, Fortnite players can access this new video calling feature through Houseparty only on limited platforms such as on PC, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation 5.

Epic games are yet to announce the news of being available on other platforms too. 

How to access this new feature?

Install the Houseparty app into your mobile or tablet. Connect to the Fortnite account through settings or using the TV icon. Once you link, send an invitation to your friends to join in your battle. When you begin the group video chat, you will be able to meet your friends through the webcam present in the device. Start the Fortnite game in the PC or PS4 or PS5. 

You will then be able to talk or chat with your friends and have an amazing gaming experience. 

Fortnite Video calling feature

For this purpose, you should not forget to link your Epics account with the installed Houseparty account. 

As an add-on, Epics has confirmed that by linking the accounts of Houseparty and Epics, a Rainbow Fog Wrap will be awarded free of cost. To avail this feature, ask your friends to join you in playing five Fortnite battles with them. This is valid only if played between the dates November 20 and November 26. You will then receive a free Fog Wrap in your account probably by December 4

Another interesting thing to note is, the new collaboration crops out the faces present in your group video call and places them in a beautiful background that syncs with the bright palette which Fortnite is most famous for. You can also change its language in game.

As a measure against security and privacy, you can only allow your Houseparty friends into your group chat. Apart from this, there is also a provision to block and restrict the number of people in your game.

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