Far Cry 5 Cheats and Hints | Secret Weapon & Militia outfit unlock

Far Cry 5 Cheats

The systematic way of taking down various murderous thugs is just as fun in rural America as in the Himalayas. Far Cry 5 is an excellent game in the open-world series Ubisoft seems to have the most fun with. The physics and wildlife combat systems mix to create unexpected moments of intense and hilarious actions.

The open-world map of fictional Hope County, Montana is in true Ubisoft fashion, packed with so much to find and so much to happen at any given time. Roaming in ATV in a peaceful, serene environment, Fair Cry 5 offers a great exploration to the players.

Far Cry 5 uses an anti-cheat system to ensure fair play with no cheating. But in this article, I will explain the cheat codes for Far Cry 5 that you can use to progress quickly.

How to Apply and Use Far Cry 5 Cheats

These are a few glitch sticks that I will be explaining to help you upgrade to better features without paying a penny.

Unlock any gun for free.

Yes, you have heard it right. You can unlock any gun for free by using your friends’ help.

First, go to the roster and choose a fighter at the bottom. Use anyone but the archer because you need someone with a gun. Once the fighter arrives, have your friends stand by as you kill the fighter. Have your friend swap his primary and secondary weapons with a fighter rifle and pistol.

Now, please pick up your friend’s guns, buy ammo, and let it rip. Now, go to the shop and swap your weapons with guns you own without spending any money.

Obtaining secret magnapulse alien weapon

An NPC named Larry will give you the magnapulse weapon only if you finish an optional Aliens questline. Larry is trapped behind an electric barrier to the west of Falls End.

You need to set Larry free by disabling the barriers followed by follow-up quests. After completing this quest line, you can possess the secret magnapulse alien weapon.

Secret RPG 7

As you might know, this weapon cannot be bought in the shop but can be captured in the west of John’s region whose location will be indicated.

In this region, you will find a devastating tunnel behind the blue rusted truck where this weapon will lean toward the truck. Ensure you do not drop the weapon because you cannot rebuy it once dropped.

Secret Militia outfit

To obtain this outfit, you must enter Armstrong’s residence in John’s region surrounded by heavy guards and a flame thrower guard. In this residence, you will find a Foxhole Prepper Stash where this Milia Outfit can be found.

You will find a hatch on the floor after you kill those guards and enter through the window. Once you open this hatch, find a bunker bed with this outfit.

Developer mode

For this, you need to create a game shortcut. Right-click on the application file make its shortcut and then run the game.

Enable the DEVMODE option before it ends, and you can easily activate the below cheats by clicking the respective keys on your keyboard.

F3Spawn point
PAll weapons
O999 ammunition
F4Toggle no clipping
F2Move to next checkpoint
F9Save current position
F10Move to the next checkpoint
F11Toggle extra information
F1Load current position
BackspaceToggle God mode
=Increase speed
Decrease speed
F5Return to Default speed

Quick Load

Enter the following codes by clicking the ‘~’ button which will allow you to access the console.


God Mode

You can enter the following code to activate the cheat function by pressing the ‘~’ button.


Level access

Enter the following codes by clicking the ‘~’ button which will allow you to access the console. You can get any of the following maps henceforth.

Arcive\map archive
Boat\map boat
Bunker\map bunker
Carrier\map carrier
Catacombs\map catacombs
Control\map control
Cooler\map cooler
Dam\map dam
Factory\map factory
Fort\map fort
Pier\map pier
Rebellion\map rebellion
Regulator\map regulator
Research\map research
River\map river
Steam\map steam
Swap\map swamp
Training\map training
Treehouse\map treehouse
Volcano\map volcano


Press ~ to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.


Hope this article helped you. Use these cheat codes and experience a new gaming level. Feel free to comment on any difficulties faced by you while gaming.

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