EBN PODCAST 47: Interaction with Ben Bueno (BEACONS.GG)


Esports Business Network (EBN) Video Game Podcast 47 features Trent Knox, founder of EBN, interviewing Ben Bueno, CEO of BEACONS.GG.

The podcast dives deeper to shed light on Ben Bueno working to develop a marketing and growth platform for game publishers, advertisers, and tournament organizers, and how the platform can help connect them to connect with sponsors or advertisers. The Video Game Podcast can be accessed on multiple platforms like Anchor.FM, Google podcast, Spotify, and many more. Listen to it right now:

About Ben Bueno

Ben Bueno who comes from a programming and tech background had an interest in gaming from his college days. He began playing games professionally and his favorite game he ever played was Super Smash Bros, it was a fun activity until his work needed to take precedent. During his college days, he organized several tournaments, where tournaments went from 16 people to 1600 people in the gymnasium. Eventually, Ben moved to Los Angeles where he worked with several eCommerce and gaming companies.

EBN Podcast 47 Ben Bueno

The emergence of Beacons.GG

From his diverse tech background and past experience with esports events, the idea to make a shared space for gaming organizers, event organizers, players, and advertising began taking shape.

Ben recalled, “he started working on the platform (Beacons.GG) early during the pandemic. It was created as a marketing platform for teams of every size and organizations of every scale. Beacons.gg is the way to build an online presence and a modernizing solution to make a platform that can help build a brand around what the organizations or players are already doing. And this is how everyone involved can attract sponsorships, advertising, or even sell products or services.

It is what makes Beacons.GG unique.

Why Beacons.GG and How does it works?

Ben talks about why beacons.GG is a game-changer. Esports is a global organization with a presence in several countries. With the kind of complexity involved in promotion and payout, only global brands can manage to promote their events. Local organizations, even if they manage to promote themselves, it does not bring any value to the table. This is where marketing platforms like Beacons.gg helps gaming organizations to connect with local participants and advertisers. It facilitates sponsorship and advertising opportunities to even the smallest leagues. Ben talked of four key components which he focused on while making beacons.GG.

The four components were:

  • Group of players or entities
  • Organizers who work as a catalyst to make everything work
  • Event brands like Red Bull or the game publishers themselves
  • Service Providers like venues, logistics, ticketing, or broadcast services like Twitch or YouTube.

The web software aims at generating a greater trust in each other and provide innovative communication tools for them to collaborate together. The platforms help the 4 core groups stick together and create great experiences for the audience. While promoting sponsors and generating revenue by selling services, solutions, or even bring people to the venue.

How Beacons.GG different From your Website?

Ben while discussing challenges for his company describes marketing as the key to success with branding. He says “Most organizations and event organizers don’t have an online presence, or they have an unoptimized presence. In order to take advantage of the relevant marketing channels out, there have to be tapped, It is important to achieve more engagement with little effort. According to him, “your website is not the place to promote your discord or event, since a 1k active users are way better than 1000 views or 50-60 views after doing SEO.” With the assistance of Beacons.GG growth and marketing tools – it completely lowers the barrier to marketing channels for everyone on the platform. It makes everything inexpensive and accessible by following effective standard and industry marketing practices.

Beacons.GG in Action

Beacons.GG is now in BETA mode. Ben is working with his team to explore a way to aggregate, utilize and integrate data on the platform. With website kind pages, everyone would on the platform be able to promote services, products, or solutions by just entering their event details and then connect with relevant organizations.

Talking about the model of payments or cost to provide these services in gaming podcasts, he adds that it would be completely inexpensive. It could be a SAAS platform. And the whole idea of generating revenue works around negotiating and attracting advertisers. His philosophy is “We make money when our partners make money”. 

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