EBlitz: Building Your Gaming BuddyNetwork

eBlitz is a relatively new and cutting-edge app that was developed with the perspective of a player in mind from the very beginning. 

Eblitz Gaming Buddy

The app will match you up with other gamers from all around the world who share your interests based on the information you provide, like the games you’re looking to play/are your favorite games. So if you want to learn more about a player and you already know you have something in common with them, you may just swipe right on them.

You can quickly build out your matches and start creating your very own gaming buddy network, so you never have to play alone again and you can find people to play popular multiplayer games like Call of Duty and Overwatch, straight away, thanks to the ‘Play Now’ tool. By making use of the eBlitz communities values, eBlitz makes it possible for you to quickly avoid playing with toxic teammates. 

The app gives you the ability to talk to or text your matched buddy over an instant team chat via the app and voice chat on Discord. 

Latest Updates in eBlitz Gaming Buddy

The following is the summary of the latest updates in eBlitz:

  • The buddies hub in the bottom middle of the app
  • Match players become buddies
  • Check who is your recent buddies
  • Now see which games your buddies are playing
  • See the online status of your buddies and match up with them
  • Receiving notification when your buddies are available to play or when you add someone as a buddy.

How Does eBlitz Help Gamers?

Swiping finds a match

Do you find it challenging to assemble a group of individuals that you can rely on? Because eBlitz just requires one swipe, the process of locating and matching with other players is greatly streamlined and simplified. You only need to be willing to talk to strangers if you want to find the person who would make the perfect gaming partner for you.

Chat with other players

Have you ever heard of the term “game-mates”? We’ve all heard of the term “soul-mates,” but have you ever heard of “game-mates”? Nevertheless, you understand it now! While taking part in an eBlitz battle, you have the ability to communicate with other players in real-time using either the text chat or the voice integration features of Discord.

Rated gamers

When you are playing eBlitz, you won’t be able to compete against or team up with just anyone. One thing to keep in mind is that you are entitled to make any choice you see fit for yourself. To begin, you will never compete against anybody other than the most skilled, courteous, and well-respected players the internet has to offer!


The eBlitz – Find a Gaming Buddy app is an excellent network that gives gamers the opportunity to meet new gaming companions that are reliable and safe at the same time.

Users are now able to maintain communication with people they have previously matched with by adding them as friends in the app’s new Find Friends option, which was made possible by recent updates to the social function of the app. 

Download eBlitz now on your phone, and find your gaming buddy, from the Google Play Store on Android and Apple Store on iPhone. You can also check out their website here – https://www.eblitz.gg/