Discord Glitch Disrupt Experience of Millions of Gamers

Discord Glitch Disrupt Experience of Millions of Gamers

Discord the major communication platform for gamers, this weekend Sunday, faced several performance issues. The problem comes up when many users finds it hard to send and receive messages. Many users communicated errors in connection with wifi due to which they were unable to enjoy the game to the fullest. This incident leads to a huge uproar in the gaming community which further invoked discontent amongst the user.

The issue was reportedly due to a technical snag in the Google computing platform which the company is continuously monitoring and trying to fix to bring things back to the level terms. To confirm the problem, Discord announced the glitch on their twitter account.


To keep the user informed about the problem and to pacify the rage due to glitches. The company keeps coming with another series of tweets on its account that they are constantly working on the problem. The issue arose on the account of Google Cloud Platform downtime issue which the company’s technical team is continuously trying to resolve.

Discord Informed

The technical team continuously identifying and investigating the root issue of the glitch. It was perhaps due to the API errors in the database connection which was later identified. Another series of tweets informed.

Discord Glitch

Finally, the connection to the database was marked affixed. According to the platform, the issue was part of the problem in the database on the account of slow disk IO in GCP. However, it is notified by the later tweet that everything is set to work with full capacity and delivering the user a great experience.

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