COD-warzone update

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare-Warzone Gets an Exciting Update

An exciting announcement regarding the upcoming updates in the Warzone Mode of the COD Modern Warfare is made! We expect that the update will come around by the following week and the gamers have literally gone crazy over the news.

COD fans and gamers must easily comprehend them as the idea comes from the Cold War from the Black Ops game and also from Modern Warfare from COD. The changes in these games might be similar to the changing experiences of Battle Royale.

How different it is compared to the other games?

The Warzone mode will get integrated from the Black Ops Cold War in the following month. So, gamers and enthusiasts are talking about a NEW UPDATE, that will be dropping soon. But the update is not regarding any new weapons from similar games. Rather it is more about Prestige and Ranks.

The update is most likely to be a combination of Recon Drones and C4, which is mostly used by gamers for quite a sometime now. In some private matches, we also have a hint of a Bomb Drone.

This new update is getting the gaming world excited, but they are also concerned about how to use such a device in normal games. Most of them have liked the idea and how it is added as a feature now, but a few are not happy with the usage of C4 drones.

However, Activision is yet to confirm this. It is supposed to be only on a specific version of the Warzone mode but it’s likely to make it through the entire game.

New features of the COD Update

COD Prestiges

Here is a guide on the new feature update before it overlaps with Warzone Season 1. The guide is as stated below:

  1. Each loaded items are designated with different military ranks ranging from a Private to a Commander. If your rank is between 1 to 55, unlock all the loadout items.
  2. Completing all the 55 ranks will earn you your first Prestige. Not only does it change your icon from Military Insignia to Prestige, but also it upgrades you to a whole new level on Season 1. After each Prestige level, the update will give you a sticker and an emblem. You will also get a new munition Blueprint award.
  3. The icon beside your name will change with every 50 levels and you will earn a new Prestige. There will be three prestige- at 1, 50, 100 and you must collect it in the pre-season. In the remaining seasons, Prestiges will be present at 50, 100, 150, and 200 levels.
  4. The update will reward you a Prestige key after attaining every 50 levels, despite collecting a Prestige. With this, you will be able to unlock a Prestige icon which is available in the Prestige shop. This is a feature that is similar to the Black Ops game.
  5. You will become the Prestige master at the 200th level if you collect all the Prestiges in the entire season. This will give you the privilege to customize your Prestige icon color.
COD Season Rank

At the end of every season, the season will get reset to Season level 1 but the Prestiges will remain the same. Late joiners can also come in and be a Prestige Master at any season if they are caught up with everything.

This is quite a crazy news for the gamers!

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