Best Clash of Clan Bases

What are the Best Clash of Clan Bases

A properly designed base is the key component of your defense in Clash of Clans. The way you arrange your defense items determines the strength of your base. Apart from having suffice attack troops, one must also focus on defense to experience a gratifying COC gameplay.

Tired of your old base and thinking of upgrading to a better one? Here we are with some of the best clash of clans base. In fact, a weak base will leave your treasures open to easy loot.

Best Clash of Clans Bases

Creating a balanced base is not cake walk. A balanced base is capable of handling both air and ground attacks. To make that happen, you’ve to keep certain things in mind before placing every item.We assume that base till Town Hall 7 are easy to arrange. Moreover, we understand that different strategies (war based, trophies based and loot based) require different kind of base. That being said, here are the best Clash of Clash Bases you can have from Town Hall 8 to 13.

Best Town Hall 8 Base

From TH 8 we get many items to arrange which creates the need of a planned base.

Town Hall 8 Base


  • Anti-air and ground based attacks.
  • TH difficult to destroy, hence avoiding a 3 star defeat.
  • Suitable for Clan Wars.

Best Town Hall 9 base

Town Hall 9 base


  • Town hall can’t be destroyed easily.
  • Suitable for protecting trophies by avoiding 3-star attacks.
  • Anti-air attacks.
  • Anti-hog attack base.

Best Town Hall 10 Base

Town Hall 10 Base


  • Protects your loot.
  • Anti-loon attacks.
  • Proper arrangement of traps weakens the ground attacks.
  • Suitable for Clan wars.

Best Town Hall 11 Base

Town Hall 11 Base


  • Suitable for pushing for higher leagues.
  • Loot is spread across the base, thus avoiding high loss of your loot.
  • Town Hall difficult to destroy.

War Base


  • Difficult to penetrate through ground attack.
  • Anti-dragon attacks.
  • Anti-pekka and Golem.
War Base 1

Best Town Hall 12 Base


  • Anti- 3-star base.
  • Protects your loot properly.
  • Town Hall difficult to destroy.
  • Suitable for saving trophies and loot.
Town Hall 12 Base

War Base


  • Anti-air attack base.
  • Slows down the enemies by utilizing every corner of the land.
War base - the strongest base in clash of clans

Best Town Hall 13 base

Townhall 13 Base


  • Difficult to destroy the Town Hall.
  • Suitable for saving trophies and entering higher leagues.
  • Gives a good look to the base.

War Base

The War Base is considered the strongest base in Clash of Clan because of the difficulty in penetrating and it is easily protected from enemies

War Base 2


  • Anti-Velkyrine and Pekka
  • Difficult to get 3-star in war.
  • Clan troops aren’t deployed easily, thus, weakening the enemies.

Last Words

All of the bases mentioned above are best in their sections. However, these bases act best when your defense is maxed. Furthermore, you can make additional changes to them according to your defense levels. Keep in mind that at higher levels normal base and war base needs to be planned differently. So avoid copying the farm base to the war base.