The list of 10 Awful Xbox Games

10 Awful Xbox Games You Must Not Play

Games can really be all dreamy, magical, and so fantastic for the players. But not all of them. We really can’t count on all the games for such incredible and thrilling experiences.

There are also such games present in the industry that make us question things, be it animations or graphics or something else as well, you never know!

You can have enjoyable experiences with the Xbox games, and you can have the worst experiences too.

Such worst reviewed games on Xbox are mentioned below.


Professional Farmer 2017 is one of the time wasters on X-box platform

In the year 2017, cultivating games were already present and trending, but still great individuals at Visual Imagination Software attempted and made a new game out of the box. Sadly, it did not turn out to be so good.

Amusingly, Professional Farmer 2017 is not what was expected from an expert quality title. Basically, it lacks innovations and other amazing things that were meant to be in it. It is quite a poor imitation of the previous games present; it is a kind of game that you will quit playing within the gameplay of 60 minutes


R.B.I. BASEBALL 18 is one of the worst games will likely to bring boredom

Designing and launching up a sports game is often a sure thing. Much dedicated fan base empowers such sporty games. As long as these games provide amazing experiences to the players, they stay connected to such spontaneous games.

Talking about this game R.B.I. Baseball, it sure has some impressive graphical features, but it also has some pitfalls too, at the same time that is quite a drawback. Not so good animations, messed up controlling system – holds the reason why baseball fans tend to avoid this game mostly.

The Great Giana Sisters

These Awful Xbox Game The Great Giana Sisters is not the game you might want to play

Audience or players always look for something new to explore, they crave or look for the original, spiced up adventurous games. No one personally would like the old thing old concept repeated again and again. Isn’t it?

And that is the same reason why this The great Giana sisters series did not get much fan followers as this series is somewhat the gender-swapped copy of Mario bros. And it didn’t gain much of the popularity for the same reason.

Gene Rain

Gene Rain has repeated actions that wont bring much to you

This game has the same mechanics of a Gears of War title from ten years ago, all the changes that have been made in this one are that they have added some extremely generic Sci-Fi aesthetics and that is it! This game has got reviews of being called “boring.” Graphics of this game certainly do not match with the title of this game. It has not such good animations, and all the sounds used in the game make users uncomfortable, thus making them lose their interest in-game.

Mafia III

Once you start playing this game, it is quite thrilling and dense, but once when you keep proceeding with the game, you tend to come across many flaws of the game. The shooting mechanics that are being used are proper, but missions in the game don’t make any sense after a while. This game does not have a good story pace.

Crimson Keep

Crimson Keep consist of old concept

This game sure does have the same old concepts like some other games present on the list. It had a niche down and has an off- concept. The mature generated content makes this game quite dull, and you can not keep playing the same thing again and again, like for the next two seasons. There are no new, spiced up things that the fans desire these days.

Soda Drinker Pro

Soda Drinker Pro got negative reviews on multiple platforms
Source: steam

To be honest, this game was never intended to be a good game. It is one of the most worst-reviewed games on Xbox. It is just a game having just this surreal experience, nothing serious, adventurous, or mission-based one. Players who usually look for some serious games would never prefer this one as it does not hold any strong concept or story.

Rock ‘N Racing Off Road DX

Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX is pretty naive

This game is a friendly racing game, but that does not bring it any closer to being a good game. It has not attained the expectations that were meant to be. It has more wrong things instead of having a lot of good ones. Be it the tracks used in the game or the visual graphics, both of them are not good. It also has this added worst feature about it, and that is the messed up clunky handling of the vehicles being used in the gameplay.

Fighter Within

The Xbox surely needed another game having this impressive flawless Kinect motion controller, but the launched game Fighter within is quite the opposite of that; it has the next level flawed Kinect motion controller. These controls are so terrible in this game, and so many other flaws to are present int his game, which makes this game a mixture of weirdness and absolute frustration. Apart from the flawed Kinect controls, it also has terrible animations as well.

Rugby 15

Rugby 15 is extremely disappointing
Credit: wikipedia

Rugby fans could have been so disappointed after playing this name known as rugby 15. This game is a classic illustration of poor translation of a sports game into a video game. This game has a couple of bugs, which makes it more frustrating for the users. Animations and design choices are quite bad ones, too, in this game.

It is sure from the games mentioned above that in this technology-driven era, people want to have more advanced games to play that can boost their adrenaline rush due to high levels of joy and excitement.

There are so many factors that comprise a good game. Every single thing used in the game matters. There should be a sound handling system instead of messed up controls, good graphics, even the excellent soundtracks used in the game. Visuals also play a vital role in gathering the fan base for a particular game. 

 And whatever that is being used in the game should align with the title of the game, holding a great concept regulating the whole game.

Everything should fit perfectly in order not to get the title of the worst game.

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