Amity Park Game: Amity Park Cheat Codes

Amity Park Cheat Codes

Play the Amity Park game, the superb adult dating game that revolves around Danny Fenton with complete cheat codes.

If you’re looking for Amity Park Cheat Codes – this post will feature all the complete cheats from the Amity Park Game.

When you control the Danny Fenton character to unleash this ghostly powers, there are certain situations where you can apply the Amity Park Cheat Codes to make the game even more thrilling. These complete Amity Park Cheat Codes would unlock a specific function when you enter and activate these codes.

In the game, players control Danny Fenton, who lives along with his mother, father, and sister. At the beginning of the game, he breaks his parents’ portal (who are ghost hunters) and gains ghost powers himself.

While you tussle with the ghosts, these codes will bring the exhilaration to completely new world and you can defeat them with ease.

What are the Popular Amity Park Cheat Codes?

Use Amity Park Cheat codes across various scenes and locations. Make a selection and activate the codes from the below list –


This amity park cheat code used to rewatch the unlocked scenes


To get 100 orgones in-game you can use these cheat codes.


LifeUp cheat used to increase HP of Danny in the game.


ShinyCoins cheats used to collect money of 500 coins in the Amity park Game.


CollAholic is used to watch the collectible on Danny’s computer.


GenieSecret Cheat used to get the desired outfits. These are the most popular cheat code in Amity park cheat codes

How to activate the Amity park cheat codes?

To Activate Amity park cheat codes simply open the Danny computer. Then, enter the code and enjoy the Amity park Game.

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