Ryzen AMD 5 Review – Is it Better than Intel?

Ryzen AMD 5 Review – Is it Better than Intel?

The AMD Ryzen 5 has been one the cheapest way to get a hold of the latest micro-architecture with its dynamic ability.

This micro-architecture has challenged Intel and is pushing new boundaries in terms of performance.

In fact, statistics show that AMD has surpassed the expectations with its new Ryzen 5

AMD Ryzen 5 Technical Specifications:

AMD Ryzen 5 is designed for dynamic use. It has an i5-9400F processor that can be unlocked for clocking. The user has the full liberty to overclock the processor as per his/her wish.

AMD Ryzen 5 Technical Specifications

The processor has six cores with 12 threads. It exceeds the turbo rating but lacks the base frequency. It is an integrated 65W graphics processor with 24 PCIe 4.0 lanes and having DDR4-3200.

Additional Feature:

AMD has upped its game with a super Wraith Spire Cooler which comes with heat pipes for thermal effectiveness. Its indeed a cool feature that Ryzen AMD has come up with.

Ryzen 5 Series Processor Performance:

The series of Ryzen AMD 5 is completely a threat to Intel’s long reign in the market.

The processor has all the specifications which would enable an excellent gaming experience too.

In fact, AMD has beat Intel by a big 4% margin in terms of performance in the No.1 Assasin’s Creed game. These new processors are completely unmatched when it comes to multi-core performance.

According to the predictions, the Ryzen 5 series offers a tremendous value too as it sips power. This feature eventually makes it versatile in working for even the most basics of the motherboards.

It is reported that it even runs quite efficiently in the outdated B350 motherboard.

What’s the Best AMD Ryzen 5 Series Processor?

Ryzen AMD 5 is pretty much what you require for an ideal PC. Not only has it handled the modern games swiftly, but is also very quick in responding during rendering videos, browsing, etc.

AMD Ryzen 5 Processor Review

Although every AMD 5 chips are good, Ryzen 5 2600 stands above all in comparison. It has 12 threads and 6 cores of 4GHZ each.

The AMD Ryzen 3600 comes close with a higher edge in performance but has a slight increase in price. You will never face any issue ever in regards to gaming if you combine a graphics card with the Ryzen 5 2600.

Check Price for AMD Ryzen 2600

Check Price for AMD Ryzen 3600

Check Price for AMD Ryzen 3600G

AMD Ryzen 5 Price and Availability Review

The estimated price of AMD Ryzen 5 is Rs. 18,000 which even goes down to the price point of Rs. 14,000.

AMD’s CPU is known for giving performances equivalent to Intel’s models but is of no match to Intel’s popularity and reliability.

But, it is quite cheaper as compared to what Intel provides in the market and is also popular for its budget-friendly CPUs.

Final Verdict

Overall, Ryzen AMD 5 is excellent if you leave aside the issues with RAM speed. This series has well lived up to its expectations to provide a common platform for both content creators and gamers.

This dynamic approach in the build-up has boosted its popularity above all mainstream processors in the market. If you go with the market choice Intel is all yours but if you don’t want to break balance, go for Ryzen AMD 5.

The offers which Ryzen is providing in terms of specifications are quite unmatched and it is quite evident that these cost-effective CPUs will go neck to neck with the Intel‘s one for a long time.

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