All you need to know about GTA 5 Characters

All you need to know about GTA 5 Characters

GTA 5 features 3 main characters in the game. Players can switch between these characters anytime during off-missions. The addition of three characters in GTA has completely changed the game experience. Moreover, switching among the 3 characters is quite necessary during several missions.

The location of all the characters is marked on the map when you are not in-between a mission. Besides, the other two characters follow their daily routine when you’re not controlling them.

The Main Characters of GTA5:

The former Robber Michael

Michael is a married man with a son and a daughter. He had retired from a robbery but his conditions forced him to join back the criminal life. Michael along with the other two characters attempts several heists which included government occupied super-weapons. At the initial days of GTA 5’s release, people thought that Michael was Tommy Vercetti from Vice-City. However, even after having the same looks, the officials confirmed that Michael and Tommy are two different characters.

Michael in GTAV

Trevor: A criminal and Drug Addict

Trevor is an ex-military pilot who owns a company ‘Trevor Philips Enterprises’, which he mostly uses to deal with drugs and weapons. Trevor and Michael are best friends and were crime-partners before. However, their nature is parallel to each other. Trevor is a mysterious character and lives in a trailer in the midst of a desert. He is a hardcore survivor which helps him deal with harsh conditions.

Trevor Philip in GTAV with gun

The Ex-street gangster Franklin Clintoff

Franklin is professional in assanation jobs. He works for a car dealer named Simeon Yeterian. Simeon uses Franklin as a pawn and tasks him to recover money from the customer’s unable to pay. Moreover, he works with Trevor and Michael in several heist. In the later stages of game, Franklin gets close to Michael and treats him as hi father.

Franklin Clintoff character in GTAV

These are the main three characters of GTA 5. Talking about missions, there are several missions where player have to switch between players simultaneously. However, these players are also assigned solo missions or in a pair of two.

Other Main Characters of GTA 5:

  • Bradley Snider- He was a member of Trevor and Michal’s old crew.
  • Lester Crest– Mastermind of all the heists. He was the one to appoint Franklin in Trevor and Michaels’ group.
  • Devin Weston– A businessman who hired the trio but the deal turned bitter when he refused to pay them.
  • Amanda De Santa- Michaels’ wife and one of the main reasons why Michael joined back the criminal life. She loves to spend Michael’s money.
Michael's Wife Amanda in yoga pose

Jimmy- Michael’s son

Michael Son Jimmy in GTA5 game

Tracy- Michael’s daughter

Screenshot Tracy Michael's Daughter

That’s all we have got with GTA 5 characters. But, Don’t forget to try the GTA5 cheats if you’re playing on PS4.

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