All About Backseat Gaming

what is Backseat Gaming?

No matter if you are new to online gaming or a pro, you must have heard some of these phrases from people sitting around you. Like the definition of NT in gaming. Backseat gaming is popular among gamers

Why didn’t you use that weapon here?

Go for that package, it’s great!!Here comes the trouble…..!!!!!

Dude, what are you doing?
And many more. If you have someone sitting by you or at your back commenting about your every move while you are playing, that is defined as backseat gaming.
Backseat gaming can be a bliss or a curse for you. If you are a newbie and are learning to play the new game, backseat gaming can be helpful for you.
On the other hand, if you are a professional and don’t want to seek advice, backseat gaming can be a bit frustrating.

What can be considered as backseat gaming?

In the online gaming world, there are many scenarios that can be defined as backseat gaming. When you are playing an online live streaming game, there will be people who will be like:

  • Telling you to buy or reject items.
  • Ask you to build and enhance your skills.
  • Reveal interesting and challenging facts of the game like bosses, puzzles, etc.
  • Suggest you miscellaneous things like the rules, music, and hidden features of the game.

Some of these can be favourable for you, but most of them would mess up your gaming playing experience by releasing spoilers.
Now, if you are planning on having a peaceful game experience, it is best to get clear of all these distractions. But wait, if you block or blacklist all of them, you will also let those off the hook who can help you. So, you need to be smart here!

How to counteract the issue of backseat gaming?

Backseat gaming is not always an issue. As you know that there can be some people on the web that may help you play the game in a strategic way. Keeping this in mind, you should deal with backseat gaming in a smart manner.
As far as the live stream gaming is concerned, there are some cool tip and tricks that you can follow.

Blacklisting the common phrases

As a broadcaster, it is crucial for you to blacklist some of the obvious phrases from appearing in the chat. Some of them can be “you should”, ”go for”, “don’t”, and many others. You need to analyze the comments in your game chat for getting better insights.

Shortlist specific yet helpful phrases

As all of the commentators on your game chat will not be irritating, it becomes crucial for you to reserve some phrases for feedback purposes. If you get stuck somewhere in the game, they may help you leverage a better approach from the experienced viewers.

Game specific filters

Based on the online game you play, you can also use the game filters to keep out those who may advise or even pressurize you to buy certain items in the game.

Wrapping Up!!!

Backseat gaming is not a great thing to do. It may seem like a positive activity, but it needs to be carried out in a planned way. For example, telling your partner, “you got this” is way better than telling him he or she is in trouble.