A Gaming Gadgets Guide: Why You Should Invest in the Nintendo Switch

A Gaming Gadgets Guide: Why You Should Invest in the Nintendo Switch

Studies reveal that a staggering 3.1 billion people are gamers. This suggests more than 40% on the planet spend time behind the controllers.

Whether you already count yourself in this group or are looking to join the trend.

There are quite a few gaming gadgets to choose from out there. Microsoft, Sony, and the PC all have a hand in the market.

Yet, if you’ve always been partial to Nintendo, their latest console is a masterpiece.

This guide will examine some of the reasons you should invest in the Nintendo Switch as your next console.

A Wealth of Exclusive Titles:

Exclusive titles are the games that are only released on certain consoles. You have to have them to stay competitive.

What comes to mind when you think of Nintendo?

It could be Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, or countless other names.

The reason this brand has always been a mainstay in the industry is its amazing exclusive titles. The Nintendo Switch is no exception to the rule.

Beyond some additions into the canon for the names above, the Switch has many more planned.

Head to any gaming gadget shop to see the wealth of exclusive games for this console.

Unrivaled Ingenuity:

Nintendo has always had a penchant for the unique. Many would argue that the switch is a high point for console ingenuity.

As far as cool gaming gadgets go, this takes the cake. The idea is playing what you want, when you want, however you want.

It’s all in the name. The Switch audibles from a console base to a portable system depending on your preference. One moment you are playing on the TV and seamlessly you can grab it a take it on the go.

Never before has a gamer had so much freedom.

Multiplayer Madness

If you like your video games to be a social event, the Switch has you covered.

The multiplayer aspect was not a tacked-on afterthought for Nintendo. Communal gaming is a major part of the Switch’s design. Not only does it have wireless capabilities for online play, but local gaming has never been more fun.

The innovative and colorful Joy-Con controls make multiplayer games more immersive than ever. You haven’t had a videogame party until you’ve played the Switch’s Mario Party.

Price Point

If you have shopped around, you may have found the price of the latest gaming consoles to be prohibitive. While the Nintendo Switch is not exactly cheap, it does have a better price point than its competitors.

The base kit for the Nintendo Switch is $300. This comes in around $100 cheaper than the offerings from Microsoft and Sony.

You still may be wondering if that price point is worth it. This link will take you deeper into the Switch: https://teachaza.com/is-the-nintendo-switch-worth-buying/.

When you look at the capabilities of the Switch, it’s kind of a steal.

The Switch Is the Play for Gaming Gadgets

If you are in the market for new gaming gadgets, keep this guide in mind. From the switch games available to the ingenuity of the design, the Nintendo Switch is worth the investment.

If you found this guide useful, keep an eye on our blog for more gaming reads.