8 Popular Google Doodle Games

Google Doodle Popular Games

Google came up with its “Stay and Play at Home” initiative that meant to revive popular Google doodle games from the past.If you’re obsessed with playing the Google Doodle games, these interactive and exhilarating games are definitely need to give a shot. These Google Doodle Games not only allow people to spend a quality time during the pandemic at home, but also let them sneak into these classic throwback of the past.  The Google doodle pages encompasses an intriguing doodle everyday.

There are 10 slots for the doodle of which currently 9 are unfilled. The only slot filled incorporates “50 years of Kid’s Coding” is showcased out there. Check it out on the Doodle page. https://www.google.com/doodles

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How to Play Google Doodle Games?

  • To play the Google doodle games, click on the Google icon.
  • You will find an archives bar.
  • Clicking on the archives bar will give you access to the game section.
  • Go to your desired doodle game and click on Play.
  • You can also directly search for any particular doodle games on google as shown in the video below.

Watch to Know more about Google Doodle Games

The Top 8 popular Google Doodle Games are:

1. Cricket

Cricket doodle is made for all those people worldwide who love cricket. The main aim of this game is to press the bat icon whenever the ball comes towards you from the bowler. The only thing you need to do is to score as many runs as possible.

2. Coding Carrots

This interactive game is designed to inspire kids in coding. The game is based on the Programming language called Scratch which allows users to control boxes. Here, you need to make a way for the rabbit to collect its carrots. In order to do so, you need to select those boxes and place them cleverly.

3. Halloween 2016

All the fans of Harry Potter will especially love this game. The game consists of five different levels which you need to complete. Here you are a wizard cat with the objective to kill all the ghosts. You need to cast magic spells to prevent them from entering your school of witchcraft and wizardry.

4. Fischinger

In this doodle game by Google, you have the liberty to develop background music as per your choice. Four different musical instruments will be given to you. You need to play them at a time to create music notes. You also have the share option to send the music to your family and friends.

5. Pac-man

This game resembles the age-old Pac-man game which is one of the most popular google doodle games. Here you need to eat the dots while maintaining a distance from the ghosts in the meantime. Ghosts can also be eaten when you get to eat a large dot. This certainly gives you bonus points too.

6. Garden Gnome

You will able to learn about the story of the popular garden gnomes if you play this game. This game also promotes afforestation in its own unique way. It focuses on planting as many trees as you can. For this, you need to throw garden gnomes across a garden, which will then plant the trees for you.

7. Scoville

This game is all about saving your character from the chilies. It is a super fun game where you have to freeze the super hot chilies by throwing ice-creams on them. Your game will end if you burn your character. You need to try freezing all the chilies present there to avert that situation and win the game.

8. Loteria

This game is an alternative version of Bingo, a popular game of America. The purpose of this game is to use tokens to fill the table or tabla before your opponents. Traditionally, a raw bean was used in place of the token. Fill the board fast and win the game.


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