7 Wow Tips to Be Pro Player

7 WOW Tips You Must Follow to Be a Pro Player

1. Get your bags as soon as possible

There are three ways to get bags: ride your luck, learn the tailoring profession to craft one yourself, or ask in the Trade or General chats if any tailor wants to make the bags for you. In most cases, players don’t mind making bags if you can supply them with your required mats.

However, they may charge a small tip instead of a fixed fee. A secret to acing this stage is not to give up your bags while upgrading. Instead, you can use them later for additional bank space. Usually, smaller bags don’t become soulbound if you use them. This allows you to send the same bags to other characters that you may make later.

2. Loot whatever you see

WoW Classic provides premium bag space. And that means only one thing – you can pick up everything that comes your way. With a premium bag space, you will be able to afford Riding Skill gold and mount the same at Level 40. Therefore, don’t hesitate to loot whatever your enemy drops behind. You can purchase WoW gold kaufen to help you on your quest.

Another advantage is you can sell the grey items immediately without any concern. However, you may require crafting agents later. You should decide whether to sell the grey items immediately or use them later. You can mail them via your bank to other characters if you want to free up space. Just remember that you will need to pay a small fee to mail your stuff.

3. Try to learn one or more professions

Professions open doors to craft various equipment pieces and make gold. You can use this gold later when you reach Azeroth. It would make your life slightly easier. But don’t forget to do your research before taking up a profession.

You should be sure of your skill-set and accordingly choose a profession that can help you later. For example, you can choose Skinning and Leatherworking if you are a Hunter. This profession will later help you to make mail and leather gear. Some of the other popular profession pairings are Blacksmithing with Mining, Alchemy with Herbalism, and Enchanting and Tailoring.

4. Don’t spend money on all your skills

It’s not necessary to buy all your skills. The best alternative is to pay a visit to your class trainer after completing every two levels. Check which skills you can learn for free and the ones available to purchase.

Make sure you spend enough time comparing the skills and class guides to set various priorities for different levels. Once you make a Wishlist of your skills, you can purchase the necessary ones when you have enough gold later.

5. Become a part of a group if possible

The primary purpose of becoming a part of a group is to make quests more manageable. The first few levels may be easy, but you will need help as they become tougher. Some of the non-elite quests are so tough to play solo that you would want to group up to defend your position against a densely-packed enemy zone that you need to conquer.

You may find fetch quests difficult because your drop rate goes down. However, it will speed up once you factor in. It means you will make massive killings when in a group. Hence, stick with your friends and find a guild as soon as possible.

6. Make the most of your keybindings

Many amateur players prefer playing with their default keybindings. But if you are more of a pro Warcraft player or know the tricks of Azeroth, you may as well try to play with your keybindings. This helps to switch things according to your will. I don’t keyboard turn unless I’m helpless. That’s why I move the strafe keys to “A” and “D.”

This strategy helps me free up “E” and “Q” that I can use for learning skills. Another tweak that I often implement is switching the binding by pressing “B.” It opens all my available bags instead of opening just one. I would also recommend pressing “V” to enable enemy nameplates. Although this is not a keybinding, it sure provides better visuals to your enemy’s health.

7. Try to use add-ons

Most players usually don’t use wow add-ons because they want to experience the game’s original feeling. But you should at least take a look at the available options. Using add-ons is a personal preference. It depends on how you want to play the game.

Remember, no add-on will save you from 50,000 or more deaths. In fact, the deaths will eventually help you reach your max level. If you come across add-ons that allow you to see quest objectives directly on your may, it’s best to use that add-on instead of letting it pass.

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