5 Tips To Improving In COD Vanguard

5 Tips To Improving In COD Vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard is out.

Combined with your forces to fight and defend yourself from enemies in the epic multiplayer battle game. In the warzone, there are plenty of chances for you to spawn into action. 

With COD Vanguard, the battles get even forceful with new and improved locations and map to elevate the rage.

If you have already tried your hands with COD Vanguard but could not see yourself among the top player in the league, we have your back. Follow these 5 simple tips to improve your COD Vanguard performance:

  1. Practice Your Aim

During an onslaught, precise aiming skills can prove to be destructive. It can give you a lot more confidence to take enemies down. Well, the best way to improve your aim is to start really slow and steady. Choose the weapon or gun, you are most convenient to control and operate. The aiming is all about your responsiveness and how fast you react to the upcoming attacks. Focus on the larger section of the body, instead of a headshot at the beginning, and once you are a master of aiming. You can take your aiming skills higher from there.

  1. Get the Right Weapon

COD Vanguard introduced some of the new weapons in line – Cooper carbine and Gorenko anti-tank rifle along with the classic weaponry. Some of the prominent names are Assault rifles – STG44, AS44, Automaton, Bar, and others, Shotguns – Einhorn Revolving, Snipers – Kar98k, Lee Enfield are some of the memorable names. 

Well, the use of the right weapons is just a small part of your performance but it does make a lot of difference in the battleground. Choose what weapons, you want to carry with you and use the most. The right thumb rule is to choose the weapon that has greater availability of ammunition. Remember to reload your weapon each time before taking a weapon. And you will definitely have an advantage in the midway of the game.

3. Use a Boosting Service

Even if you are just starting up with a shooting Pro game like COD Vanguard, you can give a tough competition to your opponents. A vanguard boosting service is aimed at bolstering confidence and kicking off your rank to get into the top-tier players. This kind of service is completely anonymous and does not affect your COD account. All you have to do is sign up for reliable boosting service and then track your progress from the dashboard.

4. Try Different Game Modes

The new COD season is not limited to just a few objectives and missions. If you are trying too hard and could not complete the tasks, you can switch game mode to take a fresh start. Repetitive gameplay can often make things bland and boring. Try different modes to increase your XP and improve your performance. You can choose from campaign, multiplayer, and zombies mode.

5. Get Your Settings Right

Most beginners commit the mistake at the onset of a campaign to not fine tunning your game settings. Game settings can be the core foundation to improve your gameplay to a consistent level. Before you start playing a campaign, pull off the right setting on whatever platform you are using. One of the most common settings is motion blur which should be turned off before you play to get crisp and sharp graphics that allows you to identity distant enemies and ease. There are some other settings as well that you should test before making decent progress with your game.

Final Words

COD: Vanguard definitely an exciting game. And with a world-war 2 spin, it has become incredibly interactive for shooting games lovers. If you are done with your campaign, don’t forget to crush zombies to fortify and prepare for the next COD launch.