Merge Dragons Cheats: Awesome Tips And Tricks To Be A Pro In The Game


Merge Dragons is an android game where you combat metaphysical beings to regain your land. One can carve his city where one can keep all their rewards, earnings, dragons, and additional stuff. The game contains mystic forces, dragons, zomblins(evil), and many and many more fantasizing characters.

The game is not quite as easy as it sounds. It takes time to get all the controls and things keep on complicating which makes it even more interesting.

Merge Dragons: Dragon gems

Here are a few useful Merge Dragons Cheats & Tips to boost your experience

  1. Play again the old levels

You can get a handful of coins, bricks, and also manage to earn bonuses. It feels a little bit boring to play the old levels again, but it is still a decent way to earn bonus rewards. You don’t receive the same rewards but what can be a better way to earn a few coins and bricks when you are unable to access new levels!

  1. Don’t spend your gems!

The game gives you ample amount of chances to simply spend gems on wherever you like. Be it speeding up the chests, refilling the stamina bar, or even requiring to wake up your dragons- you can use the gems without any doubt.

But one thing you should know is to have patience. Once you’ve collected enough gems, go big instead of going for the small. Spending on purchasing the rare dragon chests will provide you with a lot of benefits.

  1. Rock Harvest

This is an excellent trick that can be utilized to produce bricks. Bricks are one of the great and helpful currencies in the game.  

Your dragons can be used to cultivate rocks. One can collect a ton of rocks. Just slip them on dragons and they can collect them for you.

  1. Secret levels

You might find several secret levels around the map. The developers constantly add them to the map. The secret levels contain many amazing rewards.

One thing you can always do is directly browse for them on the internet and get the exact location on the map instead of searching for hours.

  1. Expend all your resources(except gems) before moving to a new level

As there is a boundary of storing the number of bricks and coins there are often chances that you may lose extra coins and bricks 

  1. Watch out for your dragons

The dragons will automatically start to harvest as soon as they wake up. So you need to make sure to set them to harvest at the proper place. Be smart in obtaining what you need rather than harvesting the unnecessary dragons which will not benefit you at all.

  1. Timing

Merge your dragons at the correct moment as their stamina is fixed and you can’t use them until they recover all the stamina.

  1. Always merge 5 items 

This is a very important thing you must keep in mind. The reason behind this is merging three products will give you a single product whereas if you have 5 products in hand, you will get 2 products. This will ensure you not only to increase your numerical resources but also to save your resources in this way.

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